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Not only does it serve as one of my greatest influences in the world, but it also defines who I am as a human being.It has helped mold me into the kind of person I am today, as well as the kind of person that I strive to become in the future.Jimmy made it a habit to walk home with me and check her out before going home himself. Or pretending to chat while we watched Mom have a few more drinks. Harold was way slumped over and I knew he was trying for a peek.Every time he did I could see his cock bulging as he talked to her. She only asked if they were both staying the night. I took Jimmy aside and asked what Harold was doing here, he said he just appeared as he was outside. She was closing her eyes now as she drifted off a bit.Teens tend to have an inward absorption, as they're increasingly aware of their own feelings.

She was often on the sofa dozing when I arrived home after school or upstairs in her bedroom lying down. I hoped she was but thought she might be just dozing, I had to be super careful. We all sat around the living room chatting while it got dark outside. Her legs were out of the robe as she curled them on the sofa and from the floor you would have been able to see right up there.

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Suddenly the girls at school meant nothing to me and seemed so thin, immature and definitely not sexy. Taking every opportunity to check out her legs or the skin in the vee of her robe top. Jimmy arrived and he had our school chum Harold with him.

Every time I caught myself glancing at their boobs I only saw my Mom’s luscious heavy breasts. Mom was totally normal at home for the first day or two after, then seemed to be a little edgy. I thought it was probably because she couldn’t drink much when he was there. Harold was a tall skinny guy who didn’t have too many friends, but we liked him ok.

Drunk Mom and I - 4 What Jimmy and I had done with my Mom while she was drunk and passed out on the sofa, was enough to keep me sexually fueled for weeks. She eventually came back down and settled into the sofa. She just flicked channels on the TV then left the travel channel on.

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