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But there’s just one problem, there’s no simple way for us to control everything. But what’s the benefit of an advanced, connected ecosystem if we can’t control them from one place. A smart home hub is a device that networks with all of your smart devices, providing you with a central location to operate them from.

There are a few different versions of these hubs, but each of them are designed to favor the products made by its manufacturer.

The built-in Android 5.1 works great, and I like the skin. I, Mordechai, hater of Android skins, am very happy with what TCL did to Android here.

One main reason is because you can easily toggle from XESS mode to standard Android mode.

None more so that the integration of Amazon’s Alexa, which means that the new Xess will now come with a lot of ‘skills’ that its predecessor did not.

For example, thanks to the availability of Amazon’s AI voice assistant, users will be able to control their connected home just by instructing the tablet verbally, thanks to Alexa’s support for smart home devices like We Mo, Philips Hue, Nest etc.

At 9.99, it's a niche product, aimed at cooking enthusiasts who want a large screen for following recipes and streaming videos.My relationship with the TCL XESS predates the review unit showing up at my house.I first saw the 17.3″ Android tablet at a press event and I was impressed by the clean lines.The volume controls on the back are nice and big, so easy to control.3GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage means you can use most apps without any kind of stalling.The charger is non-standard, but battery life is pretty good.

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