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We're pleased to welcome Margaret to the site today to talk about Her Paraphernalia as part of our Lucky Seven series, where we ask seven questions about a writer's latest book, writing process, and more.Margaret tells us about how writing the book guided her through a series of personal losses, schools us on the evolution of the selfie, and digs into the root of the word "paraphernalia", proving why it's such a slyly clever title. As a poet, for many years I’d been interested in private and public address, and in the confessional poetics of feminist disclosure.In case you haven’t heard, dating in modern America is bonkers. Basic principles of dignity and class in the dating world that have stood through generations and generations of couples have all been thrown out the window and replaced by vanity and laziness.Millennials live a weird and dangerous lifestyle that is ruining humanity.I have met countless other women who recount to me similar experiences.

And I fell short of others' unrealistic expectations.

When did women stop handing on this information to one another?

In my naïveté I have made a number of unknowing, yet no less embarrassing, errors in my judgment on clothing.

The following are six disturbing trends in millennial dating.

It always happens the same way: One person posts about something going on in their life and that person’s significant other will post some kind of reassuring or overly affectionate reply and then the original poster will come back with a “thnx, luv you babe [kissy face emoji]” and then the other one will ask “What are you wearing?

We discovered we had overlapping circles of friends on Facebook and through ministry connections. (And an uncommonly successful one, if I may say so.

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