Who was anne heche dating before ellen challenges of dating as a single parent


Ellen De Generes dated Anne Heche and Alexandra Hedison before meeting Portia.

“It was quiet to you maybe but that’s because you didn’t live in our area,” she answers with a throaty laugh.They were a private couple, and they hope they can separate privately.” Recently rumors began swirling that Hedison has hooked up with another major lesbian power player – Jodie Foster. Jennifer Baumgardner, esteemed third-wave feminist activist, former editor of , dated The Indigo Girls‘ Amy Ray from 1997 to 2002!Bisexual actress Ione Skye (best known for her role in , around the time that Skye’s seven-year marriage with Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz was crumbling into a million little pieces. And I have to admit, I dallied.” She described Shimizu as “kind of boylike, kind of dykey” with “a great figure.” Clearly, Jenny Shimizu has mad game. Now Baumgardner lives in New York with her husband Michael and their two sons, and Amy Ray has been dating a lady in Seattle for the last ten years.Heche, promoting her new book, Call Me Crazy (Simon & Schuster), says she's had lifelong battle with mental illness. I called my other personality Celestia," she explains. Donald Heche, a choir director in a Baptist church, began sexually abusing his daughter when she was still a toddler, she says. "I had a rash, I had sores, I had welts on my nose and on my lips," she says. By the time she was 25, Heche says her personality had begun to fragment, shattering into moments of madness. Heche says she thought she had found love with him. But behind the united front they presented to the world, there were difficulties.Heche did not learn that her father also had homosexual encounters until 1983, when he was dying of AIDS. Celestia, her other personality whom she believed was a reincarnation of God, spoke a different language and had special powers. "Ellen knew everything," Heche says, including her identity as Celestia, and her belief that she could speak to the dead.Portia de Rossi met Ellen De Generes in 2000 and although there was chemistry, she didn't pursue it.

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