Who keri hilson is dating

If you ever wondered, who is dating hot singer Keri Hilson, we have an answer.Her current boyfriend is basketball player Serge Ibaka.Why do girls think it’s cute to vie for the attention of a taken man? Don’t we have more respect for OURSELVES, if not for other women? — Keri Hilson (@Keri Hilson) August 29, 2014 Meanwhile, that man AND his girlfriend are laughing at your thirsty ass–together. And no, it’s not the mailman, according to her tweet.However, after the news began circulating about Keri’s claws coming out, she set the record straight, but it seems it’s only a matter of semantics.Also, hazel eyes may appear to shift in color and consist of flecks and ripples; while amber eyes are of a solid gold hue. The eyes of some pigeons contain yellow fluorescing pigments known as pteridines.

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Now you must be thinking that what was the reason of that party, we are here to let you know about hat birthday party was for Serge Ibaka’s new girlfriend who is an famous Model, Singer and Actor named Keri Hilson.

Simply put, she said what she said in the way she said it, but the mention of women direct-messaging Serge doesn’t match up with what Hilson said. The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer has been in the background of the music scene as of late, but she is busy in the background with her philanthropy with charities to benefit HIV/AIDS and others.

Keri Hilson doesn’t often rant, but when she does, she takes women to school on the rules of engagement with men already accounted for.

Friday, Hilson, 31, took to Twitter and came out of left field with a rant that read like she wanted to get something off her chest, and at the center of her social media tirade was her man.

Gossip site, , followed up with a post titled, “Keri Hilson Has A Message For Thirsty Chicks Creeping In Her Man’s DMs.” Let’s play Devil’s advocate and assume that Keri is still dating Serge, and the message she has for women is about her personal situation. The post says Keri puts women on blast who wake up everyday with the expressed purpose of trying to be “the other woman,” by any means necessary — even if it means trying to get a piece of another woman’s apple pie.

Keri Lynn Hilson (born December 5, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer.

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