Who is tim from plain white tees dating


Their love story began on ‘Ready For Love’– an NBC reality dating show that featured 3 matchmakers as well as 3 bachelors!

Tim has been touring with the band the Plain White T’s for the past 10 years and was ready to settle down with someone who he felt was sincere & could handle his travel schedule.

Then along comes Jenna- the young, gorgeous and energetic blonde who stole our hearts and we were fortunate to be able to watch their love story unfold throughout the show.

We'd met through a mutual friend that summer at the House of Blues in Chicago and kept in touch over AOL Instant Messaging -- just friendly conversation because I had a boyfriend. Today, I train in NYC with the New Jersey-New York Track Club and my coach, Frank Gagliano.Tim expressed to us that he wanted the proposal to feel like they were the only people on earth since so much of their dating relationship had been public.Tim waited for just the right moment to get down on one knee and present the jaw-dropping pear shaped diamond engagement ring he had custom made by Bryant & Sons Jewelers.While the band toured in support for the album, both Fletcher and Mast left and were replaced by Tim Lopez and Mike Retondo.Shortly after in 2003, Tirio decided to switch from drumming to rhythm guitar and a new drummer named De'Mar Hamilton was added to the line-up.As many of you know, we are thrilled to be planning another family wedding!!

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