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Shortly after the show ended, he was arrested for possession of marijuana.

In 2011 he was arrested for a DUI, and then subsequently missed all of his court dates for it, and was arrested 2 more times on top of that.

[holds Sonny's hand] Just because you wish for something doesn't make it so. (laughs nervously) I was-I was kidding about the soda.

Look, it was sweet of you to put that picnic together. But the bad blood between our two shows has run too deep for too long to be healed by a bowl of egg salad, and even the best of intentions. In fact you wouldn't know a real punch in the face if it punched you in the face, because there is nothing real about you. (sees that it's not Nico, Grady and Tawni) And you're not Nico, Grady or Tawni.

15 February 2009In the on-going battle between the casts of So Random and Mac Kenzie Falls, Chad Dylan Cooper decides that the best way to win is to divide and conquer.

“I got the chance to represent LGTB community in one of the most popular TV series today. “But as far as I am concerned, I was born straight.

You know how some people are born gay and anything you do won’t change that?

Since 2009 she's been pursuing a music career, playing in the band Vanity Theft from 2010-2011.

She hit a bit of legal trouble in 2007 for possession of methamphetamine, but those charges we later dropped. Now, she’s focusing on school and is currently a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

(pours water in a cup)Tawni: Sweetie, I know it must hurt to be so unpopular. You see, every fan letter is like a hug from a friend. you wouldn't know real romance if it punched you in the face. And it's called "We're having a secret prom= by Sonny Munroe! I asked for a cup of water but I filled it up with soda.

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