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Nor is it about the effect of the digital revolution on hooking up and morality (a significant subplot), or even the latest upgrades to the world’s oldest profession (which provides the substance for a tragicomic standout).

The real connection here is a more fascinatingly horrible achievement: how we have finally managed to take the people out of sex.

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There are a handful of companies that offer home security systems without mandated 24/7 monitoring.The Nest Cam is one option you can purchase to keep an eye on your home.It works through an app, stores data on a memory card, delivers motion alert notifications, and more.began as a grimly disturbing film on how amateur pornstars – drawn by naivety, damage or delusion – are generally chewed up and spat out by a ravenous industry.It has now widened its optic to make a six-part series about sex and technology that attempts to be neither titillating nor priggish: an admirable and almost unachievable balance.Use the app to live stream video in your home, zoom 8x to see exactly what’s going on, and listen to audio.

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