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“I heard stories from the previous editor about how difficult it was, and I thought, ‘This won’t be a problem for me. Nope: Date Lab’s last gay date hit newsstands on Jan. It ended with “a little bit of an air hug.” According to a recent survey, nearly 7 percent of D. Apparently, in order to qualify as a same-sex match on Date Lab, being gay isn’t enough.

Asked in an online chat in 2006 why Date Lab mostly experimented with straight romance, then-editor Sandy M.

Since launching in 2006, Date Lab has run nearly 200 heterosexual encounters.

But it’s only managed to set up four same-sex couples in as many years—and one dater was a repeat. 1 item will be a milestone for Date Lab editor Amanda Mc Grath—her first same-sex write-up since assuming the feature in May 2009. Which you’d think would mean Thewouldn’t go two years between gay dates.

‘s Sunday Magazine, we were asked to create icons to help distinguish each of the weekly columns, which include exploring DC area neighborhoods, dining out in DC, app reviews, blind date stories, workplace advice, and more.

Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow join Lisa Bonos to chat about the pleasure and pain of female friendship -- from courting new friends to navigating distance among old ones.Brunson, who will share their thoughts and advice on relationships and romance.Hax’s advice column, launched in 1997, now appears in more than 200 newspapers. Brunson is the founder and president of the award-winning matchmaking firm The Paul C. The program also will include a live Washington-based “Dating Game.” The winning matches will be sent on a Date Lab-sponsored outing.Christina Breda Antoniades, Date Lab’s matchmaker-in-chief, will talk about what goes into the making of the weekly column.Want to try a new bar or restaurant -- or check out a museum exhibit -- but can't find anyone to come along? Tips for solo dining, drinking and other outings from Lisa Bonos's Washington Post colleagues.

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