Validating sitemap


Filtering The Results By Status Code You can use the HEADMaster SEO filters to check the sitemap results for non-200 status codes (broken links, redirections, internal errors) as well as find pages with slow response time. Exporting the Results To CSV Export all results or a filtered subset to a CSV file by running one of the reports in the "CSV Exports" menu.

How To Export All Dead (Broken Links) Select the "Page Not Found" or "4XX Client Errors" filter.

If the sitemap does not validate, HEADMaster SEO will show you a message with the detected error and abort the operation.

XML sitemaps are code structures that are both human and computer readable.

An XML document contains the structure for pages on a website combined with additional meta information.

XML stands for extensible markup language, which uses tags to surround and denote data points within a hierarchical architecture.

One of the powerful advantages of XML is high flexibility; XML specifies the organization of data very well but does not define or restrict the types of information it can contain.

Slickplan gives users the ability to easily import a website into the application from a previously exported XML file.

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