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In our earlier coverage of the topic, we mentioned a few fixes.

Checking your Wi-fi connectivity and signing in/out of your i Tunes account mostly solves this issue (that's what we blogged out in our previous post). Read on to find out how you can fix and get rid of the issue: One of the first things you should remember is that app updates mostly happen only over Wi-fi.

So if you're stuck at i OS 4.2.1, but the app you want to install now requires i OS 4.3 to work, you can now download the 4.2.1 version of that app.

This is great news for people with jailbroken devices and older devices like the original i Phone.

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We are excited to share the source code with the developer community to expand the possibilities of the app development in general. You can contact us in the Live Chat, by phone or using ticketing system.

If you don't like our platform you are free to cancel the subscription with us at any time no cost to get your money back.

i Phone 3G owners can finally stop threatening to throw away their phones.

There are many things that can go wrong to cause your i Phone to crash, and most of the time issues arise for no reason and with no explanation.

Depending on the underlying cause, the fix could be a simple restart or something a little more complicated.

Users with older i Phones can now download legacy versions of apps that no longer support their device.

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