Updating a pinpoint graph


My issue is that .append('path') simply isn't working, and I'm not sure why.It may have to do with my grouping: I like to put margins around my graphs so axis and labels aren't clipped. var svg Container = d3.select(element[0]).append('svg') .attr() .classed('svg-container', true); var chart Container = svg Container.append('g') .classed('chart-container', true) .attr('transform', "translate(" "," ")"); chart Container.append('path') .data(active Data) .attr('d', line Func) .attr('stroke', 'blue') .attr('stroke-width', .attr('fill', 'none'); svg Container = d3.select('#line-container').select('.svg-container') .attr(); chart Container = svg Container.select('.chart-container') .attr('transform', "translate(" "," ")"); chart Container.select('path') .data(active Data) .attr('d', line Func) .attr('stroke', 'blue') .attr('stroke-width', .attr('fill', 'none'); So your aim is to create a graph and then add a new graph based on a different subset of your data.import plotly.plotly as py from plotly.graph_objs import * trace0 = Scatter( x=[1, 2], y=[1, 2] ) trace1 = Scatter( x=[1, 2], y=[2, 3] ) trace2 = Scatter( x=[1, 2], y=[3, 4] ) data = Data([trace0, trace1, trace2]) # Take 1: if there is no data in the plot, 'extend' will create new traces.plot_url = py.plot(data, filename='extend plot', fileopt='extend')import plotly.plotly as py from plotly.graph_objs import * trace0 = Scatter( x=[3, 4], y=[2, 1] ) trace1 = Scatter( x=[3, 4], y=[3, 2] ) trace2 = Scatter( x=[3, 4], y=[4, 3] ) data = Data([trace0, trace1, trace2]) # Take 2: extend the traces on the plot with the data in the order supplied.If the graphs you want to use in your Power Point presentation will change regularly, it can be a hassle to create them from scratch every time there is an update to the data.

Comparing the two methods Recommendations In most situations, the Basic Paste method will work well.

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Of course the guy told me they were the same graph but odviously they aren't. I own the 7520 with the Pinpoint trolling motor and think it is great as it is.

it doesn't even look like the 320 is a graph but I wouldn't know. Pinpoint used to have their own autopilot motor and of course MG bought them out. I don't know anything about the Motorguide motors.

Method 1: Basic Paste After you have created the graph in Excel, click on it and copy it (press Ctrl C or click the copy button on the Home ribbon). Paste the graph on the slide by pressing Ctrl V or clicking the Paste button on the Home ribbon.

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