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Community Q&A Most people who get a Nokia N95 (8GB) from their service provider soon discover that the latter locked up some of the features to force their customers to use their network for internet access, or force them to buy ring tones exclusively from their e-shop, as custom ring tones are not recognized.

This is a guide that will provide you with help on how to de-brand a Nokia N95 (8G).

It has since become available to the general public which can be either a blessing or a problem due to inexperience and the possibility of permanently damaging your hardware.

The program is of course used at your OWN RISK and usage of Nokia Care Suite can void your warranty if you end up doing something wrong.

That’s also the purpose of Nokia Software Updater, a powerful and user-oriented tool that can download and install updates for most Nokia mobile phones out there.

But can be used on any Nokia N95 models (even non-8GB), from any provider.Note that by proceeding with the upgrade in the manner described hereafter you will void the warranty on your handset and you may lose some operator-specific functions. One method they have of protecting them is by installing customized firmware into the phones that they provide to their subscribers.Firmware is the software embedded in the handset that defines things like the phone's menus and other things like pre-defined media (images, music clips, videos etc.), and basically makes the phone "work".It’s useful for anytime you’re experiencing major software problems and need to reset an unresponsive phone. Download it for the first time and you’ll get a little message letting you know what’s new in this version.Here’s what Microsoft has added to the update: We’ve heard from a few of you that the update now includes the latest firmware for your Nokia handset.When using Nokia's Software Update utility (NSU), the program looks at the product code of the phone that's connected and thus knows what the latest firmware version is for that particular model provided by that particular operator in that particular region, and if an update is available, fetches the correct one for the same model/operator/region combination.

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