Ubuntu wireless validating authentication

From my wicd logs it finds and locates my "wlan0" interface, and it continues to try and connect and it gives me this: I have no problems connecting to a unsecured network with wicd.I also have no problems running wpa_supplicant in the background and using my own system configurations to connect to my wireless wpa-psk network by using the cli.I'm thinking that wicd can't seem to recognize my psk passphrase.Look in /var/lib/wicd/configurations/ for the wpa_supplicant config file wicd generated for your network, and see if the psk it generated looks correct.My WEP key is 128 bits (26 chars), and is correctly specified in the wpa_supplicant config file in /usr/lib/wicd/configurations. I'm only using wicd because I wanted a static IP address on my network.The wpa_supplicant docs seem a little sketchy on 128 bit keys, but it all works the first time after boot, so I know it's good. It will pass the WEP key check, saying 'validating authentication', before moving on.I have tried to follow Dude_4297's advice but I'm not sure I understand it properly. Of course, I am very happy to provide more information; please just tell me what commands to give the terminal and I will provide the results.

I post it anyway in hopes that it will help others.I am fairly new user of Ubuntu can anybody help me with this.my pc = del presario CQ62 wirless adapter = Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.My info: slackware 12.2 kernel wicd-1.5.9 (wext driver) wpa_supplicant wpa-psk ccmp mac filtering enabled wlan0: broadcom bcm4306 ndiswrapper installed using "bcmw15 driver"(windows driver)I'm having some issues connecting to my wireless connection with wicd.The problem is it gets stuck at "Validating Authentication"I have manually created a seperate template file and I've added it to the active list.I checked the file in /var/lib/wicd/configurations/ corresponding to the connection (just figuring that out was an expedition in itself), and the psk= value is wrong. Check "Use Encryption" and select "WPA 1/2 (Passphrase)" in the pull-down menu.

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