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Since this will be my sweet pup’s last Christmas as the only ‘child’, I decided to spoil her and add some extra pizazz to her stocking by making homemade dog treats!

In my house, any guest that befriends my dog is an instant favorite, so these would also make a great hostess gift for a dog-lover like myself.

Jess loves to entertain, cook, decorate, write, she has a heart of GOLD, and she loves her doggie, Marz, and her husband, Justin. ) of Sandy’s, and I’m happy to be here sharing a DIY post with you today.

You’ve seen Jess on RE a few times this past year, helping me with canning and a couple of dinner parties and some cooking, and, well, she’s just a very dear friend to me.

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Adding a bit of lemon to the icing brings out the bright flavors of the cake and the Lyle's Golden Syrup kicks over the top.

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I think today’s post is the perfect gift idea for friends who may have dogs who love a special treat. First and foremost, I’m a HUGE dog lover and proud momma to my dog-child, a pit bull named Marz.

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