Speeddating v izraile


“Birthing” a start-up begins with hiring the right combination of geeks, marketing “sharks,” cool-minded finance managers, and a chief operating, technology or marketing officer that brings the team together.But like with real-life pregnancies, there are often complications – one of the biggest being the difficulty many in the tech business have in finding like-minded people to help them create their start-up.Every geek has had that moment where you strike up a conversation and everything's going swimmingly until you mention one of your favorite topics and their eyes glaze over.That's why Ryan Glitch started Sci-Fi Speed-Dating to help geeks find people they could geek out with, and maybe even find a spark of Geek Love!He organized a team of friends to try out his idea and it exploded.They were a hit at their first convention, having to turn away nearly 1,000 people that weekend.Now Sci-Fi Speed-Dating is always 100% booked before the conventions even begin.

And then she touched down and had three dates with different candidates who were handpicked for her based on her interests. To prove that travel makes people more interesting and can ignite the spark of romance.

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It's not often that you get whisked away to Venice on a first date.

But when TV production manager Jessica Enderby signed up for the world record attempt for the highest ever speed-dating event, she knew her 'date' would be far from ordinary.

“Finding the right people to work with is a challenge for many in the high-tech ecosystem,” according to Yaron Carni, founder of VC firm Maverick Ventures.

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