Speed dating pets

That’s why they’re using Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to find new homes for the dogs and cats staying there.

“There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with one of our great shelter pets,” said Dil Luther, division manager of OCAS.

Central Florida’s largest pet rescue and adoption center, which received nearly 20,000 animals at its shelter in 2014, is hosting a speed dating gathering today for Valentine’s Day.

But the goal is a bit different: to match pets with loving families.

"My dog does it all the time." Then, both man and mutt were off to meet another human-dog combo.

The underlying message was clear: Love me, love my dog.

ORLANDO — Speed dating has been a popular mating ritual for years, a more formalized matchmaking process that encourages folks to meet a whole new and large group of people.

It’s been recorded that the first speed-dating event took place at Peet’s Cafe in Beverly Hills in 1998.

"Relationships break up but your pets are always there to love you unconditionally.

About 40 humans, with their dogs in tow, circulated among tall tables decorated with flameless candles.

They carried plastic Margarita glasses in one hand and leashes in the other.

There will be a speed dating event in Orlando today and Saturday – and it’s a unique one.

After all, the host is Orange County Animal Services.

They’re taking on a more important role in peoples’ lives," she said.

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