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As a Two's Company client, you'll enjoy a tailored, one-on-one service.We take time to meet with you personally - as we do with all our clients - to get to know exactly what you want out of a partner, and your future.War and the imposition of a European economic and legal system led to most of New Zealand's land passing from Māori to Pākehā (European) ownership, and most Māori subsequently became impoverished.

The NZ Beauty Association is also the connection to our industry, where we gather information, experience and support for all our members.We are the industry expert to guide and support the public in their quest for effective beauty treatments, to find registered and qualified beauty therapists, and explanations of all types of beauty-related treatments. Every member receives the exclusive edition of the quarterly Beauty NZ magazine, coveted by all professionals as THE reference for the beauty therapy industry.Recent publicity about poor hygiene conditions and resulting bacterial infections has put beauty treatments under public scrutiny.The country remained an enthusiastic member of the British Empire, and 110,000 men fought in World War I (see New Zealand Expeditionary Force).After the war New Zealand signed the Treaty of Versailles (1919), joined the League of Nations, and pursued an independent foreign policy, while its defence was still controlled by Britain.Looking happy and, most importantly, interested is incredibly important.

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