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Although users can communicate in real time during a chat session, the content of each session--including text, links, and files--is persistent, which means users can view and search all content of the session at any time.

Persistent Chat Server can help improve communication within your organization by: The following diagram shows a high-level view of the Persistent Chat Server architecture.

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In Hip Chat, once a project is completed, you can archive the room. That means that every feature we create is made with the intention of helping you work better, like keyboard shortcuts, topic-specific rooms, code formatting, and more.You’ll know the moment there are changes in your services, which eliminates the constant tab and app switching we all know so well.Some integration options include: See some examples below. Create rooms for projects, teams, or even work activities.The following sections explain how to create, manage, and disable chat rooms.If you decide to change the room name later, the new name will be displayed for you and the room’s members and followers going forward.It’s a good idea, although, to find an appropriate name to start with and then stick with it.

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