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Well, golly, I live in Indianapolis, so this has got to be the cat's meow! There is NOTHING else except these 3-4 bands, so I think one should be damn grateful that this kind of stunning music even exists! Why on earth would any fan of this style of music not appreciate that?

The result is a combination of elements from both of their previous projects. An even newer element are legitimate lyrics, rather than murmurings and lyrical musings in Guthrie's prior history.

For me, Fool and Some Love are ok, but they don't impress me.

Russian Roulette didn't at first but it really grew on me and it's my second fav on the album.

Still, this album doesn't have any bad songs on it and RV seems to have done it again :) I agree with the author, I think Fool and Some Love are the best songs on the album but I love all the songs on the album!!

I also thought this song was true to RV's aesthetic minus "the crack" is what I called it.

It is one of these VERY few bands that ever produced that special dreamy sound.

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