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Alexander Ross, a merchant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, had left a hundred pounds to be distributed among the poor of his native parish.

Should they divide it into tiny amounts and hand it out as per his will, or should they keep it ‘till a time of scarcity of human food should occur’?

Before Scotland’s New Poor Law of 1845 it was not the nation state which was responsible for social care, but the church.

This was a continuation of the ‘parish state’ instituted after the Reformation.

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Operated by Scottish Citylink 0870 505050Inverness Bus Station 44 (0) 1463 233371 Staff will display/provide information and advice about infection control precautions such as how to care for personal laundry, hand hygiene, symptoms and what to do if you have an infection.GREAT BRITAIN'S greatest drive, in terms of truly spectacular scenery and wonderful roads, loops around the top of Scotland, where people are heavily outnumbered by sheep.Wick and Thurso, the only towns of any size beyond the Great Glen, each muster fewer than 10,000 people.This power and responsibility was vested in the hands of elders, a group of local men esteemed for their ability, piety or, sometimes, their status.They, along with the minister, met regularly as the Kirk Session to perform two functions, one moral and one economic.You'll find this slightly bizarre but enchanting set-up 50 miles north of Inverness, in the wilds of Sutherland.

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