Sex dating in afghanistan

Mateen’s father, after the killings, said he was saddened by what his son had done — but that homosexuals should be punished by God.The second scene, described by Western journalists and other visitors to Afghanistan, represents something that Afghan society has long accepted as a common if semi-hidden practice, a privilege for wealthy men and macho militia commanders to keep boys for sex.

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A wealthy older man fondling a pretty young boy in Afghanistan.

Other boys become prostitutes for adult men, regardless of their sexual orientation.

These men involved are sometimes called bacha baz in Persian and seem to flourish in the big cities of Afghanistan, possibly due to poverty and the strict social taboos surrounding interaction between men and women.

Recently, Afghan Americans tuned in to see the Instagram famous Afghan girl, Durrani Popal, an employee of DASH, the infamous clothing store owned by the Kardashian sisters.

In the slew of Insta-famous-for-nothing girls, Durrani was given special attention from our community, for the sole fact that she was an Afghan, beautiful, and works for the Kardashians.

Shukur, 21, right, was kidnapped in Kabul when he was 12 years old and taken to Kunduz, where he was kept as a bacha bereesh.

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