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Of particular note, according to many critics, is the show’s depiction of Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker — the argumentative-but-sweet, newly engaged gay couple who round out the extended familial clan.And as it turns out, beyond making for good television, the weekly presence of lovable Cam and prickly Mitch in living rooms across America — along with decades of other cultural representations of gay characters in film and television — has an actual impact in the world.PHOTOS: Jenelle Evans, Boyfriend Nathan And Husband Courtland Arrive At Court During the car arrest, the officer recognized the mother of toddler Jace as “the girl on MTV.” “Yeah, unfortunately,” Jenelle slurred and laughed.The officer also asked if she had taken drugs, to which the troubled Still, the pair appeared to have a wild night out, because Griffith later vomited in the back of a police car, authorities said. Reid's girlfriend Kelly is the star of a sex show on the Internet but his friends don't know.Virginia and Alayne are two strippers sharing the same man in the same house.A policeman then asked: “That’s why you guys were all over the road?

Raised in America, I had never slept at a boyfriend’s place before. Even without articulating it to myself, my real fear was: Would they think I was a slut? ” has generated a lot of conversation, including interesting articles in Slate and the Huffington Post.

ABC, after issuing a statement telling fans to, in Phil Dunphy parlance, “chillax” and wait for the back story to their neutered personae, gave fans what they seemingly wanted: an incredibly chaste peck.

The episode was charming, and managed to explain, in a way that felt true to the characters, the near total absence of displays of romantic affection exchanged between the Pritchett-Tuckers.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Jenelle Evans Arrested And Bloodied After Fight With Courtland Later, 21-year-old Evans — who said she had two drinks and two shots earlier — clarified that the couple was not actually having sex in Evans’ 2007 Toyota when the officer quizzed if he was “touching” her whilst behind the wheel!

“Well, that’s not very good,” the policeman said in the video, first obtained by WBTW News 13.

As Radar was first to report, Griffith was busted on DUI, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license after an early morning chase lastr Saturday.

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