Sandra bullock dating gossip


And among the celebrity stunners on the guest list were “Sin City” babe Jessica Alba, “Charlie’s Angels” chick Cameron Diaz and “We Found Love” songstress Cameron Diaz.

The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood was brimming over with beautiful people last night (June 5) as Jane Fonda was honored at the 2014 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony.

We filed for divorce, and I hope everyone can respect our privacy.”Over the weekend she had a wicked scare when a man broke into her house while she was home, and now Sandra Bullock has obtained an emergency protective order.Preparing for an outbound flight, Sandra Bullock hurried her way through LAX International Airport earlier this week.Rushing through the busy terminal, the Oscar-winning actress headed to her gate while trying to avoid the awaiting shutterbugs.I'll always remember, when she was dating Matthew Mc Conaughey, and the reporters would ask about it, her answer would be, "We're friends", and everyone took that to mean they weren't together. And so later on, after they'd broken up, she clarified that she didn't lie -- they were friends, they just weren't "just friends". Goodbye, minions, Sandy has a new man in her life -- and she's taking him on the town!On Sunday morning (June 8) Joshua Corbett entered Bullock’s residence through the back door and the “Proposal” actress called 911 immediately.

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