Ruby stewart dating harry styles is interracial dating ethically sound

The One Direction heartthrob was rumoured to have shared a romantic tryst with the 33-year-old blonde after he joined Kimberly, her singer father and his wife Penny Lancaster for dinner in Los Angeles, California, in April.

The iconic singer revealed that the couple had broken up.

Rod Stewart was there, plus his wife and plus Ruby Stewart, Kimberly’s younger sister.

There isn’t much gossip about Kimberly ever since she gave birth to Benicio del Toro’s baby in 2011, so it’s interesting that the first celebrity guy she’s seen with, post-Benicio, is a 19-year-old boy bander. Anyway, there was some confusion as to whether Harry was really “with” Kimberly, or maybe he was with Ruby, or maybe he just digs Rod Stewart. News has the inside info – apparently, Kimbo and Harry are a thing now because he LOVES older ladies.

There are reports Harry was targeting Rod's 25-year-old daughter Ruby ...

but our sources insist Kimberly was DEFINITELY the touchy one.

but that didn't stop Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly from hopping into a car with Harry Styles last night after a romantic dinner in L. There's been a lot of speculation that 19-year-old Harry has been dating the 33-year-old ... and it's clear from the video, something is definitely going on.

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