Remeron more sedating at lower doses


hey koolstof I started remeron (it is known as Zispin in the uk) 6 days ago and im on 15mg, how comes your on such a high dosage 60mg seems quite high to me they dont know why but it seems to be true that the lower the dosage the better sedation it offers.I was in hospital this weekend because I didnt think I could carry on with my life and to be honest the drug seems to be working wonders for me sleep and depression wise, I was and am amazed at how fast acting it is.If I take two times a day 30mgs, I'm not nearly as sedated as I only take ounce 30 mgs.In other words: the more I take, the less sedated I seem.These drugs are multiple action antidepressants that are capable of affecting multiple targets at the concentrations achieved over their clinically relevant dosing range (Figure 1).That fact distinguishes them from the norepinephrine selective reuptake inhibitors (NSRIs) (e.g., desipramine) and from the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) (e.g., sertraline) (Figure 2).

sure different effects show their face at higher doses, but it doesnt mean that the most potent anti histamine on the market (remeron) doesnt stop being an anti histamine. its still going to make you sleep....regardless of NE I totally agree.

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However my doc says otherwise, to me it seems that the sedating effects of Remeron DECLINE of I take more of it!

Im having some serious issues sleeping atm, after finishing a gbl withdrawal and then doing stims at the tail end of it (bad idea, triggered mild psychosis) been a few days but ive barely slept an hour, i have a few mirtazapine about, should i take 15 or 30mg?

thanks You people obviously know nothing about Mirtazapine.

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