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A1) Requesting your suggestion to meet the current business requirement.

BEX Analyzer or Business Explorer Analyzer or Simply BEX is the core reporting tool in SAP BW.

The covered topics are Purchasing, Configuration, Goods Receipt, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Logistics Execution, Master Data-Vendor/Material/Purchase Info, Pricing in Purchasing, Stock Transfer, Third Party Process, Variant Configuration In ACC and Item categories i have kept blank .i have inputed the material number which is matined in the materrial master. [Ticket No: 495] Delivery - picking stock from quality inspection :- In STO delivery stock picking should be done from quality inspection in case stock is not available in unrestricted. [Ticket No: 434] MIRO-No (suitable) item found for purchase order 4500017177 :- MIRO- AS WE ENTERED AFTER PURCHASE ORDER MESSAGE SHOWS THE "No (suitable) item found for purchase order 4500017177" view answer... To enter or change the amount, you must branch to the account assignment screen. and also i have checked the exchange rate there is no difference. GL Code 410251 is Price Difference GL for adjust Small amount difference in bills. [Ticket No: 805] LIMIT PO invoive verification :- Hi, when i m making invoice V for limit PO, it allow me to do for more than overall limit value without any warning or error. how to restrict IV to not allow more then limit po value view answer... [Ticket No: 693] MRRL and MIRO Inv value mismatch :- 1. what is procedure the do this settings in configuration.128. [Ticket No: 616] RG1 is not updating in STO PROCESS :- Hi, I am going to STO process through MM route, and for excise purpose I have maintain no. For STO I have to enter the Excise Invoice through J1IS with reference to the Material document created. [Ticket No: 613] excise register not updating (very high priority) :- Hi, I am going to STO process through MM route, and for excise purpose I have maintain no. [Ticket No: 311] UOM at STO PO changed :- Hi Gurus, UOM of Material Master is maintained at KG.

the material type for that material is Raw materials. [Ticket No: 550] sap mm purchasing :- Purchase Order :- The issue was that there were other POs being raised on the same vendor for the same item when an earlier order is pending. For instance, I have a scheduled delivery which will take say 3 months. [Ticket No: 748] Period 009/2012 is not open for account type S and G/L 799999 :- Hi experts iam in sd. [Ticket No: 679] OBYC config :- 1are the accounting doc hits in sub cont process 2is a/c cat ref, a/c modifier, val group code, val cont & their function pls. Kindly let me know if there is any configurations to be set to fullfil this requirement. We had a support pack upgrade in our system, since then when i do GR for mvt 501, i'm missing the profit center field under account assignment. Please find screen shot for the error with OKB9 entries. Bharat I have set payment block B 'blocked for payment' while posting invoice through MIRO. [Ticket No: 676] ERROR IN VA11 :- I HAVE CREATED CUSTMER GROUP XXXX AND ASSEGIN WITH NEW SR. ranges also, but excise register is not updating and when i m trying to get rg1 register report, system is showing blank screen. I have extract RG1 and when i m going to update register through J1I5 then system says like "no enough balance for utilisation", may be I am puting wrong detail in classification in J1I5. ranges also, but excise register is not updating and when i m trying to get rg1 register report, system is showing blank screen.

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Thanks Pabi Hi, The concept of goods movment and auotmatic account determination: In SAP every movement of goods is followed by one movement type, without movement types no goods movement possible and movement type trigged transaction event keys (OMWN).

It has links for creation/change of queries as well, though the actual updation is done in a separate BW application, the Query Designer.

The screen below shows the BEX toolbar inside Add-Ins and the result of running a query.

Before deliveries arrive from certain vendors, you want to be informed of the delivery date and quantity. Which of the following settings can you define in a confirmation control key? Reservations with a due date in the past still exist in the system.

The material requirement became obsolete in the meantime.

Values and Quantity of the License are updated correctly and also Delivery document updated at Assigned Documents tab.

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