Puerto rico dating traditions

The total land area, including the smaller islands, is 3,427 square miles (8,875 square kilometers).

The tropical island ecosystem is unique and diversified in spite of industrialization and urban sprawl.

I am a Catholic woman, born and raised in the sunny island of Puerto Rico. The Levys that came to Puerto Rico were conversos, Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism during the years of the Spanish Inquisition.

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As the priest performs the marriage rites, he blesses a plate filled with coins and gives it to the groom.We celebrate Pesach (Passover) with his family, and Christmas with mine.I read from a Spanish hagaddah (book that tells the Passover story) and he sings aguinaldos (traditional Puerto Rican carols) to my elderly aunts. But the rewards, the love, and the joy in our daily life make it all worth it. One day, I will teach my children how to dunk tostones in a garlicky sauce to complement the Christmas dinner of roast pork and rice in their abuela's (grandmother's) house in Puerto Rico.This way, newly weds don’t have to worry about debt from the wedding ceremony and honeymoon.It is important to note, though, that many newlyweds make more money than their parents now and decide to incur the costs themselves or st least pinch in. you would be surprised, though, at how ma parents don’t allow their kids to help, as if it’s a “family pride” thing of sorts. Yes, it is one of the most prevalent Puerto Rican wedding customs and traditions, too!Oh, by the way, my last name is Levy, pronounced LEH-vee in Spanish. Some married local women, others sent for their families, but they have been in Puerto Rico, and Catholic, ever since.

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