Prevent firefox from updating who is dating mia kirshner


Though, the Mozilla Maintenance Service is currently only installing updates, Mozilla has stated that it may include other command line arguments for this service that could clear the Windows prefetch, defrag a user's profile, and perform other actions that are not yet discussed.

For security reasons, if you are concerned about a program updating itself without your permission or knowledge, it is possible to disable Firefox's silent update feature.

Some software that auto updates makes it very easy to temporarily turn the option off but other software makes it very difficult.

Some doesn’t even have the option available and you have to use another method.

If you run regular automated Web Driver tests using Firefox then chances are you’ve encountered the problem where Firefox updates itself and your Web Driver bindings don’t support that version which causes all your tests to fail.

It’s really annoying, so I suggest you set your Firefox install to never automatically update as below to avoid this happening.

I'm thinking a post-install script will be the best way, but I'm admittedly not great at scripting yet.

And with Mozilla seeming to put out a new version of their browser every 6 seconds, you really need to keep your packages from attempting to auto update.

But, as with most applications, I think you should know more than where the check box is.

With the release of Firefox 12 for Windows, Mozilla has introduced a new feature called silent updates.

This feature will allow Firefox to install updates without first displaying a User Account Control (UAC) dialog.

Many popular applications these days have a built in function to update themselves automatically by downloading and installing new versions without asking or requiring user interaction.

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