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Over each of the Apadana’s four corners rose a 4-story tall tower and in the foundation of each Darius placed a stone box, each containing a “foundation inscription” inscribed on gold and silver plates. the inscription was repeated in cuneiform script in 3 languages, Babylonian, Elamite and Old Persian.

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And an extraordinary new documentary tells the true story of the eye-popping bash 45 years ago which drew kings and queens, an emperor, princes and princesses (including two of our own), presidents and dictators to a fake oasis in the middle of a desert.

It isn’t just the scale of the Shah of Iran’s £1.5 billion celebration in 1971 which elevates this party above all the rest.

Pictured, Princess Anne at the Pageant of Persepolis in October 1971What really singles out the Shah of Iran’s three-day party at Persepolis as the true ‘party of the century’ was its impact.

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