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Based in the Basque country, with all of their frames being manufactured in Europe (not just assembled into complete bikes – although that is a European operation too), Orbea have a long and proud history dating back 175 years to the days of the Orbea brothers.

"If a few females are captured for aquariums or knocked down for other reasons, then you can really put the breeding unit in jeopardy," he said.This summer, the park will rebrand its pool as the Orca Encounter, an educational experience where the whales will receive cues from trainers and show attendants how they eat and live.The park is still home to 11 orcas—ages 2 to 52-years-old..At least five white orcas have been spotted in the north-west Pacific in a sign that they could be becoming dangerously inbred, researchers have said.Killer whales, as they are also known, are usually black and white but white ones have occasionally been seen before.Bianchi are true legends of the road bike world - established in 1885 in Via Nirone in Milan, they are the world's oldest bike brand.

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