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And by now, most women are familiar with the statistic heard 'round the world, publicized in an article in "The New York Times" in January. Marriage isn't entirely working, at least for a subset of the population. To look into that very question, I created a Personals profile on, a site that encourages candid dialog about sex through blogs, feature stories, fiction and photography.At this time in our history, for the first time ever, there are more women living that are single than are married. I became, for the purposes of this story, a woman looking for fun times with couples (man and woman)--yes, this is a check-box option there--and thus was permitted to peruse through other similar profiles.(I sent emails to six couples explaining that I was looking for input on the topic of this story, but I haven't had any responses.)Although it is slippery by definition, open marriage is generally considered a committed marital relationship between two people who, under a set of mutually-agreed upon rules, engage in sexual encounters with various partners other than their spouse.According to those who care, it should not be confused with polyamory, a lifestyle that promotes multiple romantic relationships between any combinations of people at the same time.Poly * Polyamory * Committed Non Monogamy * Ethical Swinging * Open Relationships * Multi-Partner Relationships * Swingers and Emotional Connections * Everyone has the right to marry and love whom they choose without limits as long as they are responsible adults! “When they leave me, it’s usually for The One,” my lover, Charles, said.

She had lived in Antalya for a year or two, but wasn't the least bit embarrassed about the fact that she couldn't even string together a sentence in the local language.She had an incredibly attractive sense of innocence about her, especially for an expat who was making her home in such an obscure and unknown corner of the Muslim world.During dinner, our conversation naturally turned to sex.Is it still an open relationship if you're restricted by a long list of rules?One of the very first times I got up enough nerve to talk about my open relationship with a stranger, I was in Turkey, of all places, on a business trip.Despite the doom-mongering from friends and family about dating a married man, I knew I was more open to falling in love than I had ever been.

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