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Not sure at this stage how it got in that state – but this makes the scheduling engine work very hard processing status updates (you may see the queue service using LOTS of RAM) and eventually it gives the above error (in my case after 30-40 minutes) but the job appears to have completed OK. The current workaround is just to correct the date, save and publish and then re-submit the time.

When you press F9 in P3 all the activities that have not been updated are re-schedule after the data date OR if you use the Update option, all the activities within the update period are "actualized".

Granted, those dates are editable, but they should not be edited by hand. If you have a schedule like this, none of the tasks are linked.

I can type the new date into the field, and I can select from the calendar drop down, but THE NEWLY SELECTED DATE IS NOT SAVED and the field reverts to the previously saved date.This does not happen in MS Project; you shift the Status Date and "nothing" happens (you can see activities with 0% in the left side - where the actuals are supposed to be; these activities do not move automatically) Why don’t the activities move or update when you shift the Status Date as it happens when you shift the Data Date in P3 (F9)?As a consultant you come across a lot of different projects/companies/people.Best regards, Marc Please read kkrepa's opening post more carefully - he is not talking about the PROJECT start date, he is talking about an ACTIVITY start date - one of the sub components or sub-projects that make up the full project plan.I too am having exactly the same problem - for example, - I create a project with a project start date of 1 July 2013 - I create three sub-projects with constrained start dates of 1 October 2013, 1 January 2013, and 1 March 2013 - At the top of the plan I have various tasks related to pre-planning and preparation that occurs mainly between 1 July 2013 and 1 October 2013, but could continue on after that second date.Now, set a time in the future after which uncompleted work can be scheduled; actual dates on tasks will not move.

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