Motorcycle dating letter

To apply for a Date Certificate for your motorcycle you need to get together as much documentation about your machine as possible, and as many photos as you can get your hands on.

As a minimum you should have photos of both sides of the bike, the Engine Number, and the Frame Number.

In both sections there are requirements for vehicle identification.

Please ensure that images of any vehicle or other identification code is CLEAR.

You are welcome to email us your ideas to provide reference to our service improvement.

This place is built by bikers and for helping bikers like you. Some biker men always thought themselves as master when hooking up with riding girls they met in local biker events.

If you have an old motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original (or obtain an age-related) registration number plate then you need this service.

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We will only do dating evidence for machines that we hold data on, the cut off date would be approximately 1985.Note: The validity of Dating letters expire after about 12 months, so get your forms into the DVLA as soon as you can.It is best to apply for a registration before restoring the bike as we still need to see the frame number after it has been painted, so does the MOT tester.When it comes to online biker dating service, that's only half true.A good deal of the success actually falls on your biker profile appearance if you feel a positive self-image.That’s hard to do when you are only looking for love inside of your friends – who are mostly friends with other bikers.

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