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Opponents have said the material is being taught at too early an age, and that some of it conflicts with family and religious values.

A review of the 2010 curriculum was needed because it was actually created starting in 2007, said Education Minister Liz Sandals, noting that back then “sexting” wasn’t included and now needs to be — “I’m not sure it was a word that existed” at that time, she said.

Some parents say they’ll pull their children out of class rather than expose them to what they call harmful material.

But two teen activists are not only welcoming the changes: they helped make them.

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“Which tells us that kids have figured out how not to get pregnant, but if we have the STI rate amongst teens going up, it isn’t that sexual activity never takes place.”Ontario has the most outdated sex education and health curriculum in the country. ed curriculum implemented in 1998 does not cover topics such as cyberbullying, same-sex relationships nor mental health issues, forcing teachers to turn to other provinces for materials and lessons.

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