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Extensive damage has been reported throughout the area, specifically, in the areas of Canton, Eustace and Emory.

Homes have been destroyed and widespread power outages have been reported.

A command post has been set up at the Tx DOT building in Canton off I-20.

First responders from around the state are on site assisting with recovery and cleanup.

She is testing Deis’ prototypes on offwidths around the West.

Cracks up to about 1 foot wide can be protected with Deis’ cams.

The data and footage collected reveal the animals' feeding habits and social behaviors, and show how whales use their blowholes to clear sea ice so they can breathe.

[Whale Album: Giants of the Deep] The research project, a collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Oregon State University, used suction cups to attach cameras with sensors to the whales' backs.

It's all part of the NFL star's 4th annual "Cam's Thanksgiving Jam" on Monday -- which includes entertainment for the kids, celebs and the QB himself serving the food!

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