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I have been saying for years that country music singles are simply devolving into veiled commercials for major corporations that are underwriting music amidst eroding profits.“We’ll look at whether one person in the relationship is over-functioning while the other is under-functioning, for example, or whether one party is a pursuer of communication while the other withdraws during conflict?These are all important issues which need to be explored within the context of how it affects their relationship”. Whether you’re spotting potential sore points in a new relationship, trying to separate amicably, or like most, you’re somewhere in between, there’s a good chance couples counselling could help you out, says Barbas.But the more I thought about his talk, the more I felt it merited comment -- at least in terms of the seeming intent behind his words. Sure, it runs in Microsoft's datacenters somewhere.Ballmer highlighted a variety of products -- everything from Windows Phone 7, to Bing Maps, to the Natal gaming controller -- and touted all of these as proof that Microsoft is a leader in cloud computing. Ditto with Xbox Live, the Danger Sidekick services, Office Web Apps, Windows Live services, Microsoft's hosted Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), etc. When most pundits and industry observers talk about Microsoft and its cloud strategy, they mean Azure.Couples most often choose to go the couples counselling because of an issue within their relationship they haven’t been able to address themselves, such as a difference in value systems, expectations or conflict resolution style, says Barbas.

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