Is medicare mandating eprescribing


The most common causes are the wrong drug, wrong dose, insufficient patient education, or a drug/drug interaction (Gurwitz et al. Using an electronic prescription program that incorporates clinical decision support is a solution to preventing ADEs. An additional benefit from e-prescribing is a reduction in health care costs. Currently, however, fewer than one in ten physicians actually use e-prescribing, PCMA said."As Congress considers a billion update of physician Medicare payments, it should also consider ensuring that physicians participating in Medicare use e-prescribing,” said PCMA president Mark Merritt.Through the technology, physicians will be aware of the patient's drug coverage and alternate drug choices for the disease. The slow adoption of e-prescribing by physicians can be mitigated if Medicare mandates electronic prescriptions.

Given all that, my advice to CIOs is that if you haven’t already made e-prescribing a top priority for your organization—encompassing the needs of your office-based physicians and their practices—now is the time to do so.

It is expected that other states will be joining soon too.

“We’re excited about the growth and response to PMP Inter Connect,” said NABP President Hal Wand, MBA, RPh.

The study suggests three options for increase e-prescribing and cost savings in Medicare, including: • Mandating that all Medicare Part D prescriptions are filled using e-prescribing by 2010 combined with annual incentives for participating physicians of up to 1 percent of their allowed Medicare payments • Mandating e-prescribing for all Part D prescriptions without including incentives • Implementing only incentives for the use of e-prescribing The survey was based on a query of 407 physicians conducted June 7– July 6.

Though the campaign has just begun, so far the American Association of Retired Persons and the Consumers Union are among those interested in supporting it, according to Charles Coté, a spokesman for PCMA.

This is an important tool in combating prescription drug abuse and identifying potential problems by allowing providers to see a comprehensive history, especially for those patients who cross state lines.

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