Intimidating parents children

Sometimes a parent may feel taken hostage by a child, their teenager, or an adult child. When using this definition it may be easier to see how parents can feel controlled by their children.

In childhood it may be the demands a child makes or it could be a child with special needs physically or emotionally.

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Obviously, I can't provide therapy to all the parents who are being bullied by kids.

Many parents feel that parenting is a life sentence. This can take the form of emotional hostage taking, financial, interpersonal, physical, or spiritual. When we give birth to a child we have already made a commitment to sustain the life of this new being.

The child that grows inside the mother has a home, food, shelter, and an identifiable place to be.

by anniec My son (11 years old) has been the target of a group of 3 mothers who have sons in his class at school.

The three women are all friends, they are the type of women that you see at drop off in the car park gossiping long after the school bell has gone in the morning.

Few, if any, parents start out yelling at their children.

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