Interesting topics for women and dating

Sends instant messages when she and you are online at the same time 8. Displays concern for her, her feelings and well-being 3. Compliments her on her screen name, attitude, personality and appearance 5. Makes an effort to contact her in some form most every day 7. _________________They murdered boys in Mississippi. I fought my way past the shyness and tried those before, instinctively, and they didn't work. Apparently, in her words, that's 'creepy' to say that. And what is this "women's least favorite topic of conversation is politics"? But phrasing it as "what women do/ do not want to talk about" makes it seem like this is just some caprice of the female population and not society's problem in general. LOL NT Women's top 10 conversation topics: 1 ) Shallow, pointless banter 2 ) Shallow, pointless banter 3 ) Shallow, pointless banter 4 ) Shallow, pointless banter 5 ) Shallow, pointless banter 6 ) Shallow, pointless banter 7 ) Shallow, pointless banter 8 ) Shallow, pointless banter 9 ) Shallow, pointless banter 10) Shallow, pointless banter Lol, that flirting stuff that you mentioned doesn't work, by the way. Again, it seems to me that your intentions are good. One of society's silly little rules is that religion/politics are big no-nos for conversation with those you don't know well. -Malvina NT Women's top 10 conversation topics:1 ) Shallow, pointless banter2 ) Shallow, pointless banter3 ) Shallow, pointless banter4 ) Shallow, pointless banter5 ) Shallow, pointless banter6 ) Shallow, pointless banter7 ) Shallow, pointless banter8 ) Shallow, pointless banter9 ) Shallow, pointless banter10) Shallow, pointless banter Okay, you asked for it...

This way your date will do most of the talking, and you will be able to learn about her a lot too.

But what to talk or do on a date so that we come across as likable, confident, and intelligent beings, whom everyday wants?

To make it simple for you, here are some creative conversation topics which are sure to earn you brownie points on your date.

you continually let the woman lead you into this dead end trap of a conversation.

Having a repertoire of topics that you can unleash at any moment allows you to remain in control of the conversation.

Dating is fun for many of us, at the same time, dates, especially first dates, can make the shyer ones amongst us very nervous.

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