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As Vladimir Putin has embraced an increasingly nationalist ideology in his third term as president, evidenced by his seizing of Crimea from Ukraine, Makarenko's anti-Western ideas have become mainstream.His website, designed to be a "Patriot's handbook", has mirrored and presaged Putin's thinking.

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People have a choice - on the one hand they see the West, where there is individualism taken to the extreme, tolerance to the extreme, gay parades, the lack of a traditional family," Makarenko said. I cannot say that this is a route of development that offers a brighter future, but it is not the dead-end that Western liberalism faces." BEFORE, AFTER CRIMEAA review of Putin's public comments since he came to power in 2000 shows a consistent emphasis on restoring Russia's pride and its place as a geopolitical power.

The most popular weightlifter in the world, Ilya Ilyin from Kazakhstan, stands to lose both his Olympic gold medals from 20, and the chance to win a third, which he was expected to do this summer.

Ilyin tested positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol when samples from London 2012 were retested.

The IOC, which stores samples for a decade to test with newer methods or to analyze performance-enhancing substances that have yet to be identified, says a total of 98 samples have come back as positive in re-testing from the 20 Olympics.

ZURICH (Reuters) - Kazak weightlifter Ilya Ilyin has been stripped of the gold medals he won at the Beijing and London Olympic Games after failing doping tests in re-analysis of samples, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Friday.

By Brian Oliver LONDON (Reuters) - Russia could gain three weightlifting gold medals stripped from other nations' competitors because of doping positives reaching back as far as two Olympics, but could also lose quota places at the Rio Games because of its own team's transgressions.

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