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To disable alignment of generic/port mappings: :let g:vhdl_indent_genportmap = 0 To disable alignment of right-hand side assignment "Fix indentation of set of generic declarations. Fix for port maps with bit-select in first port Current version does not indent the following code comp_inst : comp port map ( a_in(0) =Full-line comments (lines that begin with "--") are aligned with the very previous line only if a whitespace follows after "--".

In other words, the character that comes after "--" determines alignment.

This rebuilds caches/hashes stored in some of the tables. if you missed a step above), it shouldn’t do any harm.

Here is a guide to clone a Word Press(.org) blog, on the same server, 10 steps, on Linux, You’ll definitely need admin access to the blog itself, and probably to the database and server too, depending on your setup.

I did this recently as I needed a copy of an existing production site, to hack on. Edit wp_Y_options: Edit the option_value for rows with option_name values of siteurl and home, pointing them to the new location – mine are the same but one might be different, e.g. Log in to your blog in the new location, as normal.

- trailing-whitespace (vimscript #3201) uses :match. - bad-whitespace (vimscript #3735) uses :match, allows on/off/toggling via commands. - Dynamic Signs (vimscript #3965) can show whitespace errors (also mixed indent) in the sign column.

- better-whitespace (vimscript #4859) can use either :match or :syntax (with the option of excluding the current line), and has a : Strip Whitespace command, also automatic triggering for some filetypes.

Many major fixes: Generic/Port/Map statements alignment Generic Map no semicolon oddity accounted for Case-When alignment when one-line When statements are present Comments are smart-aligned now (be sure to do indenting at least twice) Accommodated more coding styles (VHDL people are a diverse bunch ;)) and many more.

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