Howard stern show lesbian dating game


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"Don't doody in front of your spouse." (@wineguyrick)7. "To Shut up, Sit down and to not be a moron." (@mark_clouser)13. Howard said he's really bad at knowing whether or not someone is on drugs. am Last week Dana Plato did her last interview with Howard. Howard spent a little while this morning talking about how weird it was that he and Robin couldn't tell whether or not she was actually using drugs.[...] O'REILLY: And later, Howard Stern, a walking controversy. In the "Personal Story" segment tonight -- and this might not be for children -- part two of our interview with Howard Stern. [...] O'REILLY: Is it still going to be lesbians on parade and strippers and all that? I will give the people lesbians, because there is nothing sexier in this world -- besides you -- there is nothing sexier than two women getting it on. In fact, I'm going to take a lesbian dating game, and I'm going to blow it up into an hour show on my channel. He talks about how lesbians have made him millions. [...] O'REILLY: Plenty more ahead as The Factor moves along this evening. As we told you last night, he's now the highest-paid entertainer in American history, and his success is based upon a very simple concept: saying whatever pops into his mind, no matter how offensive it is. STERN: Bill, there will always be lesbians on this show. He had the same problem with Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland.

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