Guideline for updating your computer mid age dating


Whatever the case may be, we always have to ensure that we follow additional steps in order to First of all, we hope you didn’t install/reinstall Windows XP.

As you may know, Windows XP operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Therefore, make sure you have installed on your system Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.

The first important step is to check if you have the latest security updates and patches available for your Windows operating system.

One of the many awesome and appealing aspects of PC gaming is the ability to selectively upgrade your system’s individual components.

My rule of thumb is that upgrades should typically be done if the costs of the upgrades will be roughly half of the cost of getting a new system.

I highly recommend using this free software to first identify if your slow gaming experience is being caused by overloaded CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.

This will help guide your hardware purchases so that no penny goes to waste!

Unless you’re rolling in green, it will probably feel bad to undergo the process of purchasing and installing a new component, only to realize it didn’t yield any gains!

CAM is a PC monitoring solution that provides beautiful and informative readouts of your system’s status, allowing you to see where any bottlenecks might be occurring.

PCPart Picker will be your best friend when trying to figure out whether or not the shiny new parts you are ogling will work with your current hardware.

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