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There are two versions to choose from: a version that runs directly from the micro-SD Card; or a version that writes to the BBB’s on-board e MMC, called a “flasher” image.

[updated April 2015] Although the BBB is supplied with a Linux distribution already on its e MMC, one of the first steps you may carry out is updating your BBB to have the latest Linux distribution.

When I first heard Sony was releasing a compact, full-frame, mirrorless camera, my initial reaction was “FINALLY! Because I live out of a backpack working as a professional travel blogger, I’m always searching for new ways to pack less.

The Sony A7 line of cameras enable you to create high-end images using a small, lightweight system.

Each user will have a unique username and password and once logged in will be restricted (chrooted) to their own directory (or you can let them access a shared directory).

All the following commands need either to be run by the root user or via sudo.

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