Gary lightbody dating

I may write some more on the festival soon but for now i’d like to post the lyrics i wrote for the 5 new songs i played at the event in honour of the great Northern Irish poet.

The songs are not directly inspired by specific poems nor are they my attempts to meet his brilliance rather they are inspired by his main inspirations namely Ireland, nature and family.

There are songs, like The Church, about my grandmother’s (who is still the most extraordinary person I have ever known) death, and a song about the time my dad and I were shot by an idiot shooting at a low-flying duck (It’s A Day Like That), i was six at the time, and there are songs about Ireland north south east and west (I Think Of Home & I Still Love You).

Finally when he is 35v years old he decided to give up all the partying that he has likes before, because it came time to become mature and think about his future that is coming.

He has states that he would love to have Gary Lightbody girlfriend and give her all of his time, because everyone around him including his sister is having children and he is still single so this situation does not make him content anymore.

In the band's first seven years of existence, they added drummer Jonny Quinn, released two albums (Songs for Polarbears, and When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up), and toured with bands such as Levellers, Ash and Travis.

The band stayed in Glasgow during the recording of the first two albums.

In the same year, he formed a band with Michael Morrison and Mark Mc Clelland named Shrug.

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