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"Funky Dory" is the second single from Funky Dory, the debut solo album by Rachel Stevens, released towards the end of 2003.It was produced by David Eriksen for Murlyn Music, and received a mixed reception from pop-music critics.On July 16, 2004 the album was re-issued in the United Kingdom, including three new songs, and reached number thirteen on the albums chart.Funky Dory was released in Canada on March 16, 2004; however, it failed to generate much interest outside of the United Kingdom.Livewire had applied for a change of use of the unit that presently houses Funky Dory Shoes in the shopping centre, with Warrington Library having looked set to move into the shop if the plans had been passed.

The album was produced by various record producers including Bloodshy & Avant and Richard X.

With new bass player Trevor Bolder replacing Tony Visconti, Hunky Dory was the first production featuring all the members of the band that would become known the following year as Ziggy Stardust's Spiders From Mars.

Also debuting with Bowie, in Visconti's place as producer, was another key contributor to the Ziggy phase, Ken Scott.

It was his first release through RCA, which would be his label for the next decade.

Hunky Dory has been described by All Music's Stephen Thomas Erlewine as having "a kaleidoscopic array of pop styles, tied together only by Bowie's sense of vision: a sweeping, cinematic mélange of high and low art, ambiguous sexuality, kitsch, and class".

The song is built around a sample of the David Bowie song "Andy Warhol".

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