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The Park’s staff have participated in chat sessions, frequently answering questions the public has regarding the Park and giraffes as they anxiously await the calf’s arrival. According to National Geographic, they can reach heights of 14 feet and up to 19 feet.As the world’s tallest mammals, giraffes reach enormous weights.

The charism of the Pallottines is to assist all in finding and living their apostolic vocation in life. Vincent Pallotti believed that all are called to revive faith, rekindle charity, and be apostles.This will be the first calf for April and Ollie at the Animal Adventure Park and you can watch as the calf is born live streaming online.The Park has run a 24/7 web cam documenting the event since Feb. As more people have heard about the upcoming birth, they are tuning in and participating in the chat session hosted at the official You Tube video site.Even on what is shaping up to be an insanely long list of ballot measures facing California voters in November, this one stands out: a proposal that could change the course of California’s multibillion-dollar porn industry.The Safer Sex in Adult Film Act was submitted by Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and would allow any state resident to file a complaint with the state’s workplace safety watchdog if they don’t see a condom in a porn production.I asked her about how the measure might impact her and what broader effects it might have.

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