First year of dating anniversary gifts for him


I’ve been trying to brainstorm new ideas to show him how much I love him (in addition to his present! I thought it would be fun to share some of the things we’ve done for each other in the past because I know I’ve scoured the internet many times before for inspiration! but I was definitely in that honeymoon phase) so I went a little crazy.

I decided to write out 365 things I love about Aaron on tiny slips of paper. While I got him Pens tickets and wrapped it in several boxes with cute pictures and quotes, he sent me on a scavenger hunt all around campus!

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He'll appreciate all the time/planning you put in to the day, and again, spending time with you will be worth more than any gift you could buy him! I've been making my beau things pretty much since we started dating, as both of us are students.

When you make things for someone else it really speaks to how much they mean to you and is often better received than something storebought. I've done several portraits of my sweetheart during our time together and made a custom guitar for him (when I actually had money to buy the parts..).

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The first month is a big deal and most women if not the men will expect some sort of recognition of the conclusion of one month of dating.

The first thing I did was similar to his scavenger hunt, but we were already on Christmas break, so I decided to blindfold Aaron and drive him to all of the places at home that hold special memories for us .

When we arrived at each destination, I told him how that place reminded me of him and how it represented each stage of our relationship.

You may want to clarify exactly how you are going to measure your dating anniversaries.

Since there is no “official date” that a dating relationship begins some couples celebrate their anniversary on the based on the day they first met and others on the date of their first date.

Anniversaries, dating or otherwise were invented for this reason.

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