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Firass Dirani (pronounced Feh-ress; born 29 April 1984) is a Lebanese Australian film and television actor known for his roles of Nick Russell, the Red Mystic Ranger on Power Rangers Mystic Force, Charlie on the 2009 Australian film The Combination, and as John Ibrahim on the 2010 series Underbelly: The Golden Mile. Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him. Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts. This is concerning because, like Dreher says, the representations made by the media shape our understandings of society.Actors such as Firass Dirani (a Lebanese Australian) have spoken out about how difficult it is for actors with an ethnic appearance to be cast in television programs; those lucky enough to be cast normally land the role of a stereotypical character of their nationality (Kalina 2012).When she realised I wasn’t she said, ‘Maybe there is a future in this’. On the upside you get free coffee and the service has been exceptional. Next time you call me I’ll answer, ‘pending’.” Styling: Wayne Gross.Now my parents give total respect and support to me and they get me through the hard times.” On Hanging On for a Good Thing “I was frustrated by the entertainment industry in Sydney. I’d done The Combination, where I played a teenager growing up in the western suburbs, then I didn’t work for a year. Three weeks before I was flying out the producers of Underbelly called me. If I don’t land this job, then I’m either quitting acting or relocating.’ You have your doubts in the acting industry. The downside is that you’re given a certain responsibility to uphold — the days of public tomfoolery are over. In retrospect, anonymity is a beautiful thing.” On Knowing the Next Career Move Is Pending “I was thinking about going to LA soon because there are meetings set up there, but I’ll just have to wait and see. [Enrolling in acting college not a law degree] was the best decision of my life.” Telling Mum About It ”Mum said, ‘What about salary? ’ It was beautiful when I was 18 and did Pitch Black with Vin Diesel. I had all these ideas of how I was going to meet him and all I said was, ‘Hey man, how you doin’? To make maybe 50 films and to have so much power and to know you have so much power, and to be so intimidating as an actor... He was a total dream to work with.” Sharing the Stage with Some Heavy Hitters “I play the role of Bakhait, an Oxford graduate raised in London and Dubai, in The Killer Elite. All my scenes were with Robert De Niro, Jason Statham and Clive Owen. To watch those professionals work and to see the way they do it was a master class.When I got my residual cheque and told her the amount she said, ‘You’re reading it wrong’. ’ I was kicking myself, but the next day, when I was on set with him, I introduced myself formally. I grew as an actor because I was acting with the best.” On Becoming Famous ”It has its ups and downs.

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‘Neighbours’ tried to respond to the lack of cultural diversity by adding Asian character ‘Sunny Lee’ to the Ramsay Street community.

Here he studied the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme rather than the HSC, his subjects including Theatre.

At age 18 Firass enrolled at the Actors College of Theatre and Television (ACTT) in Sydney, Australia instead of taking up a place at university Law School.

I think Houston (2009) responds to this weak attempt to create diversity well by saying: The biggest shame is what ‘white bread’ media is causing us to miss out on.

A diverse mix of characters of different ethnicities not only reflects the multicultural Australia that we live in but adds depth and colour, allowing for unique stories to be told.

And according to Woman’s Day, he hooked up with Hi-5 starlet Casey Burgess at the Logie Awards earlier this month. Well, Firass certainly has no shortage of female admirers, he was mobbed on the Gold Coast last weekend and nearly caused a riot at a nightclub when fans tried to get close to the sexy star.

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